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Externe Themenseiten zur Eurokrise:
  • Euro Crisis Institute for New Economc Thinking (INET)
    • „As the financial crisis in the euro zone grows worse, Europe’s leaders, opinion makers, and citizens are looking for answers.  What’s the full extent of the damage?  Who’s insolvent?  What should be done to mitigate the damage and what’s actually politically feasible?  The conventional wisdom in economics has shown that it’s not up to the task of providing these answers.  Come here for all the latest news, opinions, and research on Europe from the world’s leading economic minds.  This is new economic thinking for a new economic crisis.“
    • INET Council on the Euro Zone Crisis – Members
    • Breaking the Deadlock: A Path Out of the Crisis– Paper of the INET Council on the Euro Zone Crisis, 23.07.2012
  • Staatsschuldenkrise im Euroraum – Wikipedia
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